Interior Design Trends for 2020

Monday Nov 02nd, 2020


As with any new season, we see new developing trends, new ideas and new techniques for the home, that inspire us to update our interior spaces — rather than change them entirely. Below, we take a look at 2020 Interior design trends set to transform our homes. 


Humble, organic beauty

The search for the natural and sustainable has its strong effect upon the manufacture of materials, textures, and colors. Real embroidery, thick wool bouclés, bamboo, organic linen- cotton blend, and all other ethical fabrics is something we’ll continue to rejoice in 2020. More importantly, handmade natural material allows traditional craftsmanship and unique techniques to be preserved — and brings distinctive tactile quality into authentic interior projects.


Biophilic design as a growing necessity

Of course, the presence of biophilic elements in interior environments continues to be the theme of the upcoming season. Reclaimed wood, rattan, stone, indoor greenery, and warm colors and patterns that mimic natural surroundings are still viewed as rich, trendy insertion for the composition of luxury space. They reflect a deep desire to bring nature into our lives and create mindful spaces that look more authentic and entirely personal.


Striking metallic accents

The charming metal sparkle is still on the design scene for home decor compositions for the upcoming 2020. Mixing different metals is a common experience that offer a unique personal touch in contemporary and luxurious home interiors. Incorporating gold, bronze and chrome hints in decorative details such as wallpapers, soft furnishings, mirrors, and accessories is quite in tune with the mood of timeless design.


Rich, velvet upholstery

And what seamlessly complements metallic glamor — Velvet! Velvet is a trend we are carrying over with us from 2019, and its reigning strong throughout the next few seasons. This luxurious looking upholstery in warm retro shades of peach, pale pink, honey yellow and pistachio goes magnificently with rounded corners and oblong shapes to create fine interior details.


Curves and smooth edges

Here, furniture in fluid shapes and rounded curves take center-stage. Organic elements associate mostly with softness, elegance and classic design; and often resemble furnishings from previous decades. Arches, bubble light fixtures, wavy design accessories are predicted to being a big highlight throughout various 2020 design festivals across the globe.

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