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The Importance of Staging a Property for Sale

Monday Mar 18th, 2019


The Importance of Staging a Property for Sale

To stage your home is no longer a “nice idea” in today’s challenging real estate climate. It serves the purpose of essentially bringing out the good in a home so that prospective buyers can easily envision themselves in it and, if you are lucky, encourage quick, generous offers. Here are some benefits of staging a property for sale.


Staging maximizes the space and helps your home stand out

Staging will emphasize the space, functionality and other purely aesthetic features of a house, making it stand out from the rest. A good stager will be able to walk through your home and give every room a clear purpose. When potential buyers can see that the spatial and visual aspects of the house are in perfect harmony, they’re less likely to get hung up on any imperfections a home may have, which increases their chances of buying.


Staged homes are easier to market

According to a study conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 46% of prospective buyers are more willing to visit a staged home in person after viewing it online.

90% of home buyers start their search online. The interior of a staged home shows space and concept in photography, attracting more home shoppers to the marketing information, and to the “must-see” home. The combination of a staged home and professional photographs definitely appeals emotionally to potential buyers and helps them move in mentally.


Staging helps homes sell faster and can lead to higher offers

In the same NAR survey, the statistics consistently show that staged homes are selling faster and at higher prices. The study indicates, 29% of sellers’ agents reported a 1% - 5% sales increase offered by buyers in comparison to unstaged homes. Staging helps home sell faster, too — 39% of sellers’ agents suggested that staging a property reduces its time on the market.


Final thoughts

The essence of staging your home is to set the scene to get people interested in it, in a way that it will move closer to a quick sale. If a property shopper is impressed with the home, they’ll likely be more willing to make a generous offer that can result in a great payoff in exchange for the initial investment sellers put into the project.

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